Prepare Your Windows and Doors for Winter Weather

In times of winter, your windows and doors are the main areas where cold air seeps through and gets to your house. This calls for extra work on the same in order to ensure that there is no loss of energy. As winter approaches, you have to be prepared for the extreme weather. This calls for a careful check on every door both inside and outside. You should also check your window panes for cracks and the frames for crevices. Do the same for the door frames. If you notice any movement of air at these places, then that is a trigger that you should seal them.

Testing for weaknesses

There are several ways through which you can test for draft on windows and doors. Light a candle and pass it gently on the window sill. If you notice the flame flickering, that is a sign of draft.  Make a note of the area as it will require some type of insulation or replacement.  Another way is by taking a piece of paper and placing it between the door and its frame. Close the door and try pulling out the paper. If it tears, that is a good sign. However, if it comes out intact, you need to seal the area. At night, pass the back of your hand on window frames and sills. If you feel some cold air hitting it, that is a sign that there is a crack you should seal.


Having established areas where there are cracks, you need to move with speed and seal them. There are different types of sealing material available affordably. This is not something that you can do in a day. It is a process that can take […]

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When Is It Time To Replace Your Windows

Replacement Windows in Utah can help to keep energy bills down and enhances the appeal of your home. You can do your part by replacing windows and sealing up holes. Good use of the heating and cooling systems is also vital. Try turning up and down the heater all day and see how that affects your bill. Or better yet, just keep the flow of air steady. Here are signs that it is time to consider the replacement costs of new windows. In the long-term they can save you money and problems like noise pollution.
Single Panes
Double panes keep out the cold and heat much better than do the cheaper kind. They are especially good for areas that reach very low or high temperatures. So consider this option if you live in areas of Utah where snow falls and it gets freezing cold!
Now check on condensation between window panes. Double or triple panes sometimes get all foggy and weather stained when they no longer keep out the rain. If you have a lot of condensation on the window pane, replace your windows soon!
Problems Closing
If they do not open and close easily and get stuck in their tracks, this is a sign that age and warping have taken their toll log enough. Old windows let in more outside weather. Make life easier each time you move them and invest in a new set.
Improper Seals
If the seals are broken, you need to replace the windows. Test to find leaks, whether they are air or water. Air leaks can often be found by taping a loose piece of tissue paper around the windows. Perhaps there are only one or two leaks. You may be able to easily seal them up with […]

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Cheap Windows Can Raise Your Energy Costs

Your energy costs are something you probably keep a close eye on. With so many homeowner dealing with expensive energy bills, searching for new ways to lower your costs is common. From playing around with the temperature setting to shutting off lights, there may be several things you have already tried. One thing you need to consider is fixing all the areas where the energy is being sucked out of your home. Your homes windows could be costing you a lot of money. Older windows, or windows that are not properly insulated will end up pulling the warm air right outside. Replacing your windows and using the right insulation around the windows can help to manage your energy costs.

A drafty home always seems cold. The windows and walls may always feel like they have a breeze coming through. It is a good idea to speak to a professional company about adding new windows and then looking at your walls insulation levels. You can have additional insulation added to the walls, which can reduce the draftiness that you are dealing with.

Depending upon which style of window you currently have in your home, and which windows you want to upgrade to, it can take time to notice a difference in your bill. If you already have double-paned windows, you might only see a moderate impact to your energy bill. However, you will see a larger impact if you have single paned windows. These windows likely have a lot of condensation that gets around the window frames in the winter time. If you are using plastic to try and mimic that you have a double-paned window, you should see a big difference on your heating and cooling […]

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Sliding Doors

Perhaps no single architectural feature is more representative of Utah living than the sliding glass door. For many generations, sliding glass doors have opened our homes to natural light and panoramic views, simultaneously giving us easy connections with decks, patios, and gardens.

Today, a new generation of high-quality sliding, or “gliding,” doors offer energy efficiency, durability, safety, and contemporary style.

Ogden sliding doors come in a variety of sizes. In addition to the standard 6-foot, 8-iinch height, custom sizes are also available. Three- or four-panel-wide configurations that are as wide as 16 feet are also available. Sliding glass doors are made with one fixed panel and one sliding panel, or with multiple sliding panels on four-door-wide models.

You can find doors that have wide rails and stiles (horizontal and vertical framing elements) like French doors, and doors with thinner rails and stiles that maximize glazing.

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden sliding doors at (801)882-2010.

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Front Door Replacement in Ogden

Wagoner Glass offers a complete entry system. Our single price package includes door, threshold, jambs, hardware, deadbolt locks, and professional installation. Generally, no stucco or drywall cutting is needed because our doors are custom sized to the replacement market.

Our Ogden entry door systems protect your home from the elements and weather while increasing the energy efficiency of your home, lowering your utility bills. Whether your need to replace your entry door for design or repair, all of our Ogden entry doors are ideal for better protecting your home.

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden entry doors at (801)882-2010.

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Vinyl Windows in Ogden

Wagoner Glass has a variety of Ogden vinyl windows.  Vinyl windows are the most common type of window used today. Ogden vinyl windows have become very popular due to their affordability, easy maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, not all vinyl windows are created equal.  There are several different grades and price ranges.  Some of the most important factors in choosing the right vinyl window are:

Exterior look/curb appeal (Does the window have a thick, symmetrical look?)
Frame strength and insulating capabilities (How thick is the frame, and how many chambers does it contain inside?)
Glass type and thickness (For energy efficiency and glass breakage prevention)
Spacer type (What type of material is sandwiched between the two panes of glass? Is it a material that will conduct heat and cold?  How long will it last?)
U-values (What kind of performance does the window provide? Is it Energy Star Certified? Does it qualify for energy rebates?)
Lifetime warranty (What type of warranty does the window have? If there is a warranty claim, do you trust the company to service the window?)

There are just a few of the things you need to consider when selecting a window.  We have a wonderful selection of Ogden vinyl window choices for you.

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden vinyl windows at (801)882-2010.

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Wood Windows Ogden

Wood windows are usually chosen to match the existing look of the exterior or the interior. If you already have woodwork in your home or around the exterior of your home, Ogden wood windows can enhance the look of your home.

Wood windows are available as 100% wood or wood inside and vinyl-clad wood outside. Wood inside and vinyl outside windows are ideal if your home interior is primarily stained wood and the outside of your home has vinyl siding. All-wood windows are ideal if you have considerable woodwork on the outside of your home or if wood windows would complement the exterior look of your home. Ogden wood window installation offers exceptional energy savings, and comes in an almost endless variety of standard sizes and shapes. Wood windows are the best choice when you need to match existing windows, and will add more appeal to your home than vinyl windows.

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden wood windows at (801)882-2010.

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Ogden Frameless Shower Doors

Wagoner Glass provides a wide variety of Ogden frameless enclosures that can be customized for your shower or bath. Frameless enclosures offer elegance and customization where other shower enclosures cannot. Frameless enclosures are custom fabricated for your specific needs and installed by professionals who know how to install your custom work correctly.

View our Ogden frameless enclosures gallery of past projects: Gallery

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden frameless enclosure shower doors at (801)882-2010

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Upgrading Your Windows

If you are planning to upgrade your windows, don’t wait! Though most of the benefits that come to you from upgrading the windows in your home or business will last for years, some of them are time sensitive. We simply cannot predict how long the tax credits and rebate programs will be available, so take advantage of them with the help of Wagoner Glass.

In addition, upgrading your windows will:

Increase the value of your home or business property
Give better insulation
Reduce outside noise
Provide better quality natural light
Enhance views

Many of our windows are built to simultaneously help you cut down on your utility bills while they look beautiful in your home, so come check out what we have in stock today!


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Window Replacement

Windows are the number one culprit of home energy loss. There is no better time to be energy conscious than now. If the quality of existing windows is substandard, installing replacement windows is a smart choice. Ogden windows tend to recover most of the cost of installation through energy savings and prevent damage from the elements. On average, 80.5% of the cost of installing replacement windows is recovered almost immediately.
Our Ogden Window products include:

Vinyl Windows
Wood Windows
Window Tips

Windows can add significant value to your home if they are in good repair. When your Ogden windows are in disrepair they quickly become a source of frustration and irritation. Peeling, warped, rotting wooden window frames are not only unsightly but they can result in water damage to the surrounding wall and floor. Wagoner glass carries a wide variety of Ogden windows to help you find the functionality and look you desire for your home.

Call Wagoner Glass today to replace or install your Ogden windows at (801)882-2010.

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