Window Replacement in Utah

Windows are the number one culprit of home energy loss. There is no better time to be energy conscious than now. If the quality of existing windows is substandard, installing replacement windows is a smart choice. Ogden windows tend to recover most of the cost of installation through energy savings and prevent damage from the elements. On average, 80.5% of the cost of installing replacement windows is recovered almost immediately.
Our Ogden Window products include:

Vinyl Windows
Wood Windows
Window Tips

Windows can add significant value to your home if they are in good repair. When your Ogden windows are in disrepair they quickly become a source of frustration and irritation. Peeling, warped, rotting wooden window frames are not only unsightly but they can result in water damage to the surrounding wall and floor. Wagoner glass carries a wide variety of Ogden windows to help you find the functionality and look you desire for your home.

Call Wagoner Glass today to replace or install your Ogden windows at (801)882-2010.

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Glass Doors

Wagoner Glass provides complete Ogden door replacement and repair. A leaking or gapped door frame or damaged door can cause damage to the interior of your home and lower your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you need a door frame replacement or an entire new door, we can help you choose the right door to fit the functionality and look of your home.

We specialize in the following Ogden doors:

French Doors
Sliding Doors
Entry Doors

Our Ogden door installations provide an excellent seal to keep the elements out of your home and prevent energy wasting with leaking air. A new door also provides an excellent update for the look and design of your home. Our Ogden doors are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs to customize the look of your home.

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden doors at (801)882-2010.

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Types of Windows We Offer

At Wagoner Glass, we understand that every customer need and building is unique. That’s why we offer a wide variety of window and door options for you, your home, or your business. These options include:

Replacement windows
Sliding glass doors
Patio doors
French doors
Entry doors
Garden windows
Shower doors
Bay windows

If you are looking for beautiful glass that serves a purpose in your home or business, check out the selection or call Wagoner Glass at (801)-882-2010!

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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Implement an Enclosed Shower!

Whether they’re looking to add value to their home or just want a change, remodeling your bathroom is a great idea. Many homeowners like remodeling their bathrooms so they look brand new and give their whole home a fresh feel. This is an excellent practice because it gives you the chance to upgrade your bathroom fixtures and spruce up your decorations.

Sometimes, when homeowner start doing bathroom remodels, they forget about replacing fixtures such as shower doors. To make sure that your bathroom is perfect for your lifestyle, make sure that everything in your bathroom gets a new look.
Shower Enclosures Offer Comfort, Simplicity, and Customization
When you’re looking at remodeling your bathroom, you have to think about how much space you have to work with. With smaller bathrooms, space-saving showers are always great options. With shower enclosures, there isn’t any need to have a large basin underneath your shower. You can have a gorgeous, customized shower enclosure without having it take up too much bathroom space.

Here are some of the shower enclosures you could consider:

Framed shower enclosures
Frameless shower enclosures
Steam shower enclosures
Sliding shower enclosures
Custom shower enclosure

Having the perfect bathroom for you and the other members of your household provides an additional sense of luxury, especially after a bathroom remodel.
Implementing a Steam Shower in Your Bathroom
Steam showers are becoming more popular options for Utah homeowners. They give your bathroom added luxury and aren’t very difficult to implement. These steam shower designs are perfect for all bathrooms, regardless of size.

Once you have the plumbing portion of the steam shower figured out, you’re going to need high-quality steam shower doors to complete the project.

To implement a shower enclosure in your home, call Wagoner Glass at (801)-882-2010!

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Ogden Mirrors

Wagoner Glass can help with any type of mirror for your home. All of our Ogden mirror products are high quality and can be customized for your specific needs. We take pride in providing our customers with complete mirror products and services to complete the look of their home, bathroom, or other mirrored space.
Our Ogden mirror products include:

Custom Wall Mirrors
Hanging Mirrors
Beveled Strips & Mirrors
Vanity Mirrors
Wood & Metal Framed Mirrors
Wet Bars
Framed/Frameless Wardrobe Doors
Venetian Mirrors
Medicine Cabinets

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden mirrors at (801)882-2010.

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Frameless Shower Doors

Wagoner Glass provides a wide variety of Ogden frameless enclosures that can be customized for your shower or bath. Frameless enclosures offer elegance and customization where other shower enclosures cannot. Frameless enclosures are custom fabricated for your specific needs and installed by professionals who know how to install your custom work correctly.

View our Ogden frameless enclosures gallery of past projects: Gallery

Call Wagoner Glass today for your Ogden frameless enclosure shower doors at (801)882-2010

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